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Since it is that time of year and since everyone is doing it. I might as well list my top ten dumbest predictions about our world for 2008. If they become true, I’m heading to Vegas with Dave Bouwman’s profits this time next year.

10) Election Maps. It’s election year in the States and once again we’ll be hosed with “red vs. blue” thematic maps. These maps will polarize the country early on with predicted areas of support for candidates and bringing out the nastiness of who’s right, wrong, left, up, and down.There will also be a few mashups of election supporters with breakdowns of where obese folks, intelligent designers, and Oprah/NASCAR moms are.

9) OSHA. OSHA will step in to ban the Wii and GIS. Especially after James Fee has his Wii Bowling accident before Where 2.0 and becomes unable to spell GIS anymore, let alone blog about it. GIS is banned because is causes blindness and hairy palms.

8) Maps is bad. Once the non-western world melts down during the spring thaw, a number of baddies use [Google] maps for no good. Causing knee-jerk reaction by a number of governments to ban or highly regulate mapping. Especially China, who takes out WorldView-2 right after launch.

7) WorldView-2 Stuns GeoEye’s New Bird. Months after China whacks WV-2, WV-2 parts whack GeoEye’s new bird by having it’s debris scratch GE-1’s lens. Bill Gates secretly de-orbits GE-1 onto Sergey’s secret island Googleplex.

6) FOSS4G and the ESRI UC announce plans to combine in 2010. That’s after a prisoner exchange during a TC211 meeting.

5) Jeff Thurston discovers that GLONASS is really a space weapons system. Only because he watched a special on TV, then formed a rescue party that rescued a number of GLONASS engineers from captivity in Siberia. If he would only do that for Manifold users too

4) GooglePhone knows more about you than you do. Google releases the GPhone with its partners and eerily signs you up, books your car, room, and flight to attend Where 2.0 even before you own your GPhone. On a sad note, Glenn is tasered by his N95 when it discovers he decides to think about writing a comparison piece between N95 and GPhone.

3) Acronym soup! VGI, SDI, ESRI, FOSS4G, WTF? 2008 is the year we get acronym’d to death. It starts in DC with the ESRI FedUC and ends when SlashGeo stops with its sloppy seconds.

2) Surveyors reclaim the Earth—only because the lawyers let them. Dusting off the old chains, someone lobbies in DC hard enough to enact licensing for all geo professionals after a rash of high profile court cases that affect senators and representatives and the earmarked buildings, parks, and bridges named after them.

1) Nom de plumes. From me, to the Fake Steve Coast, to Fake Ed Parsons and the soon to be Fake James Fee. The fakes get unmasked; I stop posting b/c too many folks know who I am—and, yes, I will have to kill you; and everyone starts fake <insert name here> blog. On the bright side, in August, the Fake Jack Dangermond hosts the Fake ESRI UC and gives me my fake grad skool diploma.

Didn’t I mention this was a bad list?

The National Center for Geographic Information & Analysis at UC Santa Barbara is partnering with Los Alamos National Labs and the Vespucci Institute to hold a two-day workshop in December to address research initiatives about “Volunteered Geographic Information.”  Dr. Michael Goodchild is leading the workshop to discuss with a number of others interested in VGI.

I guess it was a matter of time before there was academic research into this area and a meeting other than Where 2.0 to show off the goods.  I guess GIS or geographic information as a media is pretty important to study. Especially when it comes to the have’s and have not’s in this world when it comes to access to tell stories about themselves. I wish I could go to watch, this would be a pretty good meeting to be at to see what comes from all of this.

Problem with the Universe is you can only do so much at once.  The Birds of a Feather sessions at Where 2.0 this year are the perfect example.

Sean did hint in a blog post that there may be beer at his.  Giving his session a greater weight.  Man, you got to love GeoIQ just for that purpose. 

I’m still alive, contrary to those rumors running around how I’ve survived an early death.

So, it’s March and Where 2.0.3 and the ESRI UC are going on in, oh . . . 2 . . . 3 months from now. Which means it’s time to start planning ahead for Geoblogger Meetups!

Here’s the deal:

  • I assume that something’s gonna happen at the ESRI Dev Summit next week.
  • Jesse noted that there’s going to be one at AAG next month.
  • Is anyone else going to ASPRS or not?
  • I  may or may not make it to Where, but hopefully I do.
  • The Google Earth Team asked me today, “Shouldn’t we be sponsoring your Geoblogger meetup at ESRI soon?”
  • FOSS4G is on at the end of September.  Whew.  A break.

Busy geo-events going on.  Now’s the time to start recommending ideas for the old Meetups!  I know I’m on the hook for ESRI.  Anyone else have any ideas?  Can we even have a geoblogger meetup at Where?  Will anyone attend ASPRS, or has my boss sent me to the wrong conference again?

As most Planet Geospatial readers know, James has been going through a lot lately. Planet Geospatial craziness and plus, he’s in the middle of buying and selling his home. Talk about stressful situation. So, as James moves in and gets Planet Geospatial laced up we should do something to show our appreciation for him.

Oh, I don’t know. . . maybe chip in and pay for his Where 2.0 pass? (If he wants that?)

The justification is there because James, when it comes down to it, is the “Father of the Geobloggosphere?” He’s helped to establish a community of people who care about geography, GIS, location-based services, and other stuff through Planet Geospatial. So, why not do something for a guy who does so much for us?

So, we’re all smart people—at least smarter than me. How do we pull this off for James?

Caveat: Of course, we haven’t really asked what the Chuck Norris of GIS James wants, but we’ll make an assumption.

Brady Forrest is running Where 2.o solo this year and he just happeded to put out the Call for Papers.  Also, notice that the date changed for the conference.  It’s still at the Fairmont in San Jose, but it will now be held 29 & 30 May.  So, no conflict with ESRI!

I wonder if they’re going to have another Pixie Hunt?