America’s Drunkest Cities

Posted: December 5, 2007 in Uncategorized

Men’s Health has a map up on their website citing the most and least drunk cities in America.

  • Denver ranks first in the most drunk category. Home to DigitalGlobe, Peter Batty, and a number of other geo-related bloggers and companies.
  • Durham, NC, is the least drunk. Must be why Sean can get so much done?
  • Washington, DC, led in DUI’s. Even though I left, I guess our representatives are keeping it at a steady mark.

Update: Sean doesn’t live in NC. He lives at the New Belgium Brewery!

  1. David says:

    Yeah, but Sean lives in Ft. Collins, good beer and not that far from Denver. I think that explains a lot!

  2. Sean Gillies says:

    I actually telecommute from Fort Collins, sandwiched between drunken giants Cheyenne and Denver. Despite being a college town, we’re mostly an exporter (New Belgium, Anheuser-Busch) of intoxication.

  3. Morten says:

    Funny how the top 10 laws all are in CA, but only one CA city is listed in all the other top 10s.

  4. Peter Batty says:

    Hey, just because I live above a brewery that’s no reason to jump to conclusions :) !!

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