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I’m still alive, contrary to those rumors running around how I’ve survived an early death.

So, it’s March and Where 2.0.3 and the ESRI UC are going on in, oh . . . 2 . . . 3 months from now. Which means it’s time to start planning ahead for Geoblogger Meetups!

Here’s the deal:

  • I assume that something’s gonna happen at the ESRI Dev Summit next week.
  • Jesse noted that there’s going to be one at AAG next month.
  • Is anyone else going to ASPRS or not?
  • I  may or may not make it to Where, but hopefully I do.
  • The Google Earth Team asked me today, “Shouldn’t we be sponsoring your Geoblogger meetup at ESRI soon?”
  • FOSS4G is on at the end of September.  Whew.  A break.

Busy geo-events going on.  Now’s the time to start recommending ideas for the old Meetups!  I know I’m on the hook for ESRI.  Anyone else have any ideas?  Can we even have a geoblogger meetup at Where?  Will anyone attend ASPRS, or has my boss sent me to the wrong conference again?

As most Planet Geospatial readers know, James has been going through a lot lately. Planet Geospatial craziness and plus, he’s in the middle of buying and selling his home. Talk about stressful situation. So, as James moves in and gets Planet Geospatial laced up we should do something to show our appreciation for him.

Oh, I don’t know. . . maybe chip in and pay for his Where 2.0 pass? (If he wants that?)

The justification is there because James, when it comes down to it, is the “Father of the Geobloggosphere?” He’s helped to establish a community of people who care about geography, GIS, location-based services, and other stuff through Planet Geospatial. So, why not do something for a guy who does so much for us?

So, we’re all smart people—at least smarter than me. How do we pull this off for James?

Caveat: Of course, we haven’t really asked what the Chuck Norris of GIS James wants, but we’ll make an assumption.

Brady Forrest is running Where 2.o solo this year and he just happeded to put out the Call for Papers.  Also, notice that the date changed for the conference.  It’s still at the Fairmont in San Jose, but it will now be held 29 & 30 May.  So, no conflict with ESRI!

I wonder if they’re going to have another Pixie Hunt?